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  1. Jennifer O'Boyle posted on January 10, 2010:

    Quick Scoop has been one of the best additions to our life and has taken away a huge stress of having 3 large dogs. Jim is thorough and exremely dependable in his years with us. It is the one luxury in life that we cannot be without. We would recommend him 100% without a second thought. We tried a more “popular” service before Quick Scoop and they essentiallly never showed up. Quick Scoop is the best pet service out there!

  2. Quick Scoop posted on January 12, 2010:

    Thank you very much for your vote of support…we appreciate your business!!!

  3. Quick Scoop posted on January 13, 2010:

    Hi Jennifer:

    We loved your comment sent this week-end…would you mind if I were to use it as a testimonial on my site…of course, I would only use your first name and last name initial with your town only….
    Let me know, if you please…

    Thanks again….


  4. Bill C posted on January 29, 2010:

    Jim is a VERY dependable person and his service is great. I’ve used Quick Scoop for 2 years now and never had one problem. Their prices are reasonable as well.
    Jim is also a very nice person. I’d recommend Quick Scoop with 100% confidence.

    Bill C
    Mokena, IL

  5. Quick Scoop posted on January 30, 2010:


    Thank you for posting your flattering comments to our web site; we really do appreciate your feedback.
    With your permission, I’d like to publish your comments to our home page section, “What Others Are Saying…”
    Thanks again.


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