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From Jim’s Desk: 20 January 2010–Hero Cat Missing after Fire: Found

As Reported by the ChicagoBreaking News Center…

A cat that ran off after rousing a couple from sleep as their home burned has returned to the house and was reunited with her family this afternoon.
Baby, a 13-year-old white, brown and gray tabby, had woken Josh Ornberg as he slept next to his pregnant girlfriend on a couch in their Wonder Lake home around midnight Sunday night.
Once the couple awoke, Ornberg and his girlfriend, Letitia Kovalovsky, got out of the house safely, as did Baby, who ran out with the couple unable to catch her. Ornberg set a live trap for Baby on the front porch of the house Monday, and today, his employers, who live nearby, spotted the cat in the cage and stowed her in their car until Ornberg met up with them about 2:30 p.m., he said.
“I thought she would come back,” said Ornberg, who said he was happy when he got the call that Baby was found.


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